Disturbed maps (Africa, India) 2011


Series of hand made maps (ink on paper) representing countries of Africa. The maps are  disturbed in their visibility and codification the geopolitic information is unreadable, and the codes of the nation (names, borders, scale…) disappear. This is like a « copyist » work, using photocopies of national map (north Africa, south Africa and Angola ) as sources. There is no personal intervention, no subjectivity in this copying approach ; neutrality and methodical process are the purpose of this work which only concerns the repetition and mecanical gesture of the painter. These inks reflect a national crisis fact, the nation-state being diluted in a world-wide magma which weave a meta-national web.






South Africa map

in the exhibition Haritalar, Sanatorium gallery



South Africa map


South Africa, ink drawing on paper


North Africa map


North  Africa, ink drawing on paper


Angola map


Angola, ink drawing on paper

India, ink drawing on paper

ludovic bernhardt © all rights reserved, Paris 2021