N.O.T.E. Banners (Nomos Of The Earth)


150x90cm each. Ink on bazin damask (African textile)


These ink drawings represent cracked world logos and symbols: The logotypes of The League of the nations, the UN, the World bank and the IMF are mixed together and fractured, in order to symbolise a state of crisis in our world representations, dominated by financial and political institutions. They can be the banners of our contemporary cracked and chaotic world created by global order. The title of these banners refers to the book "Nomos of the earth" which was written by Carl Schmitt, and published in the early 1950s. In this book Schmitt describes the world order, its "nomos" and the origin of the Eurocentric global order.

Centre d'art contemporain Tignous, Montreuil. Cibler le vivant. Courtesy de l'artiste.

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