A4 Flyer Art

Fax photocopies distributed at the Fiac 2002 to the visitors


With Luz Blanco & Arnaud caubel


These flyers where created as fax advertisements and have been distributed to the visitors during the FIAC in Paris, in 2002. This work was a part of an action which consisted in a non-artistic participation (with A4 photocopies) in the very creative and commercial contemporary art fair. Creativity being a doxa in our contemporary world, this action was an openly non-creative answer to this consensus.


"Originality detector in contemporary art. The Fiac bomb! NEW. 18/20 very effective. Detection of true artists. Detects all styles and concepts. Great autonomy: 60 days. One year warranty. adaptable. Forge your judgment of taste..." Commercial leaflet distributed at the Fiac art fair in 2002. A4 papers/Flyer art


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CONTINENTVAULT. VAULT RENTER. The spot of the month: perpetuity

Fiscal power, aesthetic pack. Artists'vaults: equipped, neo conceptual/in situ/photographer/installer/simulationist/graphic designer/pre-rigorist. Vaults of art professionals: curator/gallerists/critics/collectors. 299 € rental for 48 months (...)

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