Magnesium sky. Courtesy of the artist and the Sanatorium gallery


Ludovic Bernhardt is a artist and writer. He was born in France; he is currently living and working in Paris. Just after being graduated from Studio National d'art contemporain Le Fresnoy, Since this period he has produced various installations, objects, paintings, texts and graphics - meditative diagrams, anxiolytics yantras, pills design, military codes, disturbed borders.

In parallel of his artworks, he writes novels, such as Inversion (éditions Gravitons)Work Bitch (JOU éditions). In 2016 he created a self-publication book collection named (Global)*Z, presented in the Multiple Art Days in Paris.

He is an artist represented by the gallery Sanatorium in Istanbul. He has often collaborated with the art initiative space Plateforme in Paris and has participated in several exhibitions and Art Fairs. He has been co-curator of the exhibitions Hyphologie and Fragments of a hologram rose.

Ludovic Bernhardt est artiste et écrivain, né en France ; il vit et travaille actuellement à Paris. Après avoir obtenu le diplôme du Studio National d'art contemporain Le Fresnoy, il a réalisé diverses installations, peintures, textes et graphiques (diagrammes, anxiolytiques, yantras,  pilules, codes militaires, frontières perturbées, cartes...).

Il écrit les romans Work Bitch (éditions JOU) et  Inversion (éditions Gravitons). En 2016, il a créé une collection de livres, (Global)*Z, présentée lors des Multiple Art Days à Paris.

Il est représenté par la galerie Sanatorium à Istanbul. Il a collaboré avec l'espace artistique Plateforme à Paris et a participé à plusieurs expositions et art fairs. Il a été co-curateur des expositions Hyphologie et Fragments of a hologram rose.

Lecture at centre d'art contemporain Tignous, Montreuil, France


Festival artistique et littéraire /// Literary & artistic festival


Nov. 2019

Nouveau Studio Théâtre Nantes, France




Ecrivains et artistes /// Writers & Artists:

Eric Arlix & Florence Jou

Yves Arcaix, Bruce Bégout, Ludovic Bernhardt, Patrick Bouvet, Sophie Couronne, Chloé Delaume, Dominique Leroy, Frédéric Moulin, Sandra Moussempès, Hugues Robert, Éric Simonet, Serge Teyssot-Gay, Christian Vialard, Phyllis Yordan.





June 2019



The starting point of this exhibition which brings together eight artists of different nationalities, is the short story Fragments of a Hologram Rose written in 1977 by William Gibson. We thank its author, particularly known for his novel Neuromancer and creator of the term cyberspace, for permitting us to use the title of his short story for our exhibition, which takes a personal look at this dislocated story where poetic hallucinations contaminate communication networks. (...) Ludovic Bernhardt, April 2019, Paris/Istanbul

Group Exhibition from a short story of William Gibson, title used by permission of the writer


May 24 - June 30, 2019

SANATORIUM gallery, Istanbul




Chim↑Pom (JP), Luz Blanco (FR), Cari Gonzalez Casanova (USA), Berkay Tuncay (TR), Ludovic Bernhardt (FR), Sergen Sehitoglu (TR), Eric Arlix (FR), Erol Eskici (TR)

WORKS selection

Political world #2, South hemisphere, 2017

Pigment print on Hanhemülhe photo rag paper

100 x 70 cm

Political world #3, North hemisphere, 2017

Pigment print on Hanhemülhe photo rag paper

100 x 70 cm

Political world, 2017

Exhibition in Viennacontemporary Austria.

SCAG gallery's booth, Vienna



Drones video footages on detergent bottles, 2014

The Sanatorium gallery, Istanbul

Exhibition view



Hyphologie, 2013

Curators :  Ludovic Bernhardt & François Ronsiaux

Yagiz özgen (LEFT)

Can Ertas (RIGHT)


Hyphologie, 2013

Curators :  Ludovic Bernhardt & François Ronsiaux




Inside, 2015 (With Luz Blanco )

India International Center, IIC New Delhi, India

24 Indian lakes


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