Ludovic Bernhardt is a French artist & writer, graduated from Studio National d'art contemporain Le Fresnoy, France. Resident at La cité d'artistes Guy Loë / Fondation des artistes.  He has produced various installations, objects, paintings, texts and graphics - political diagrams, anxiolytics yantras, pills design, military codes, crashed financial graphs, maps with disturbed borders. In parallel of his artworks, he writes books such as  Work Bitch (Jou éd.), Inversion (éd. Gravitons), and Reactor 3 Fukushima (ed. LansKine). His artworks are represented by the Sanatorium gallery in Istanbul. He collaborates with the art initiative space Plateforme Paris and has participated in several exhibitions and Art Fairs in Europe. He has been co-curator of the exhibitions Hyphologie and Fragments of a hologram rose. He performs public readings in France, notably at the Bifurcations # 5 literary festival at the Nouveau Studio Théâtre in Nantes, and other cultural places. He is Phd student at the Labo AIAC Paris 8 since 2021.

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Poème post-apocalyptique lu par Bruno Lecat / Musique : PHYSICS / 2:16 sur Spotify

Night music 1 (CIA game) / The wrong biennale

Video: Ludovic Bernhardt / Music: KAOSMOS - Onadiam


Video.10:20 min. In the pavilion THIS WORD DOESN'T EXIST created by Fabien Zocco & Bérénice Serra for The Wrong Biennale


Night music 1 (CIA game)


Print on wallpaper, folio cut

800 cm x 276 cm


Night music 1 (CIA game)


Print on wallpaper, folio cut

800 cm x 276 cm


Night music 2 (Dow Jones, S&P, Nasdaq, EuroStoxx 50, Dax, CAC 40, FTCE 100, Ibex 35, Nikkey, Shanghai, Ibovespa, Hong Kong... Coronavirus spread sinks world stock markets)


Print on wallpaper, folio cut

600 cm x 276 cm




Video from the experimental writing Décors à réactiver. 1/5



CHAOS GAME - 2 (Haïtian revolution)


Print on Hanhemulhe Photo Rag fine art paper, wooden table, Led lights, glass.

150 cm x 150 cm x 40 cm



Ruins, Ruines, Ruinen (...)


Print on Hanhemulhe Photo Rag fine art paper

120 cm x 42 cm





Coronavirus spread sinks world stock markets - 1 & 2


Tapestry: sylver ink painted on bazin (African damask textile)

142 cm x 210 cm





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